EdgeTX User Manual
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Installing and Updating EdgeTX

There are several ways to install or update EdgeTX on your radio transmitter. You can use the online tool EdgeTX buddy or manually install/update the bootloader and firmware using the bootloader method. There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways, so really, it boils down to person preference.

EdgeTX Buddy


  • Firmware and SD card contents are all located in one location
  • It takes you step by step through the process
  • Normally a simple process.


  • Must use a Chromium-based browser to access (Chrome, MS Edge, Brave, Opera, etc.)
  • You must have the correct SMT32 drivers installed on your computer. Usually, this is automatic. However, some computers install incorrect drivers, which can make this process more difficult.

Bootloader Method


  • Flashing always works
  • The flashing process is quicker.
  • Does not rely on your computer for flashing


  • Firmware, SD Card, and Sound files must be downloaded individually from different locations and placed manually on the SD Card.
Whichever way you choose, there is a guide that will help you. Below are the migration guides and installation guides for both methods:

Migrate from OpenTX to EdgeTX

Update from an earlier version of EdgeTX